Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen – ‘Turquoise Chrome’

I received this Sally Hansen Colour Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen in a beauty sample box ages ago (possibly Bellabox?) and only came across it again while I was looking for a suitable base colour for a gorgeous new glitter polish I bought – more on that in a later post!

130722 - Sally Hansen Turquoise Chrome 1

I’m not sure if Sally Hansen have discontinued these as I did a search online and they were not listed on the Sally Hansen website, however you can still pick them on eBay and some other online retailers (I noticed that there are some shades are under ‘Clearance’ on the Priceline website).

“Click, Colour and Go! Just click to dispense colour, brush on and go! With panthenol, vitamins plus UV protector. Great for travelling, leak proof!”

‘Turquoise Chrome’ is a lovely shade of teal and comes in a thick 4ml pen (like a whiteboard marker) with a click-top and brush tip for application of the polish.

130722 - Sally Hansen Turquoise Chrome 2

This is what the brand new brush looked like before first use – instructions state to “click top of the pen to dispense colour” and to “re-click as needed”.

The formula was quite thick and I found it difficult to gauge how much polish was being dispensed when I clicked the pen. It was difficult to create a smooth application as you cannot control how much polish is being released, unlike traditional polishes where you can swipe the excess off the brush on the lip of the bottle before applying. I found the second coat came up a bit streaky as a result and I had to go over certain parts more than once to cover up some patchiness.

130722 - Sally Hansen Turquoise Chrome 3

The other thing about this design is that you cannot see how much polish you have left in the pen unlike a clear bottle so you never know if/when you are going to run out (not that I’ve ever finished a bottle of polish before, but it would be nice to know that you were not going to run out in the middle of a manicure). It also took a little bit to get used to applying polish with a pen as opposed to with a bottle-top brush, especially with my left hand, but I didn’t have much more clean-up to do than normal. For the record, I am quite useless when applying polish with my left hand!

The biggest positive about this polish though is how fast it dries – I was very impressed with the quick dry time – two coats was touch dry in just a few minutes and totally dry in less than 15 minutes (without top coat) which is very handy as I often try and sneak in painting my nails when my little boy is taking a nap or has gone to bed. I’m not usually far behind him so don’t want to spend hours waiting for my polish to dry before I can pass out exhausted too 🙂

Overall this product delivers on what it promises, which is a fast, quick-drying manicure and would be adequate to get something on your nails if you are in a rush. It may not be the best choice if you are looking for a perfect, flawless manicure. In my case, because I was using it as a base colour for a glitter polish, I wasn’t overly fussed about the streakiness as I was going to be covering most of it up and the quick dry time was a nice bonus.

I’ve also read reviews which say that this is a really good stamping polish as it is a thick formula so I must try that out next time and report back!

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen (what a mouthful!), or used any other great quick drying polishes?