About Me

(Updated 9 July 2013)

Welcome to .mummytutto.!

My name is Tracey, I am 30 years old and I live in Perth’s southern surburbia with my hubby of nearly 3 years. I am Mummy to our baby boy Connor, who was born in June 2012, and our furbaby, Corey (he is an 8-year-old Bundle of Destruction with Legs Staffy). I have worked in the travel industry for the last 6 years which has, fortunately for me, helped to indulge my passion for travel and food.

I thought I would start my own blog to share all the things that I find beautiful, creative, yummy and absolutely random, after being inspired by so many amazing bloggers out there.

I am re-discovering my love of beauty and fashion (once lost somewhere in my younger, slimmer years) after nearly 6 years of spending a large majority of my week in a rather monochromatic work uniform. I also love crafting – mainly beading, cross-stitch, crochet and card-making but I jump from one to another depending on my mood and motivation (I have the attention span of a goldfish). All my beauty and crafty bibs’n’bobs are slowly taking over the house much to the horror/bemusement of my husband. I love food and cooking, I’m attempting to grow a small vegetable/herb garden and I am always trying to be a better mother, wife, home-maker, all-round-good-person-in-general. Oh and I am obsessed with stationery. And True Blood.

Hopefully through this blog journey, I will make new friends, pick up new ideas and skills, develop those creative sparks and become that better all-round-good-person-in-general that I aim to be.

I look forward to sharing our little journey with you all :)

Tracey xoxo


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