Antipodean Beauties – Lashes

Antipodean Beauties
This week’s Antipodean Beauties theme is LASHES. I love falsies (false lashes) – ok, I love buying falsies, the more dramatic the better, as I have such short, pathetic, poker straight Asian lashes. I am absolutely rubbish at actually applying falsies though, every time I try I end up with teary, bloodshot eyes and with fewer original lashes than I started out with.

My husband on the other hand, is blessed with gorgeous long, curly lashes (why, oh why!) and my little boy has inherited this from him. He is going to be such a little heartbreaker when he grows up – how are the girls going to say no to those lashes batting back at them?!

130829 - Lashes 6

I then had a make-up lesson with an amazing make-up artist here in Perth – Chandra from CKT Makeup Artistry (Chandra did my make-up for my wedding and I always turn to her when I need my make-up professionally done) who taught me how to apply falsies properly. Armed with my new knowledge, I thought I’d give falsies another go for this week’s Antipodean Beauties challenge!

130829 - Lashes 3

Because I was taking my little boy to Gymbaroo today, I thought I had better choose the most natural set of falsies I owned as I didn’t want to freak the other mums and bubs out 🙂 I received this set of Eyelure Naturalites ‘Natural Volume Lashes’ in 020 in one of my subscription sample boxes a while ago and thought they would be perfect for a subtle bit of extra length and volume.

These Eyelure lashes came with their own small tube of white adhesive which turns clear when as it dries. The lashes were the width of about 3/4 of my eye so I didn’t have to trim them which was a bonus; the seam was thin but still easy to handle and held up to my brutal application (I’m still learning!). I curled my natural lashes first, applied a coat of mascara, applied my falsies, gave the whole lot a final squeeze with my eyelash curler and then applied another light coat of mascara.

130829 - Lashes 5

All in all this went relatively well – no tears or loss of lashes! As a newbie, I found the Eyelure lashes really easy to use and this set definitely gave me the more subtle look I was after. I’m definitely looking forward to trying a more dramatic look next time!

130829 - Lashes 1

Do you like and use falsies?

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8 thoughts on “Antipodean Beauties – Lashes

  1. I love how natural these lashes look, nothing too over the top! I love how you didn’t want to scare the other mums and bubs 😛 Your little one has such gorgeous thick lashes, I’m jealous too! I’ve never tried these lashes before- to be honest, I’ve only tried the cheap and nasty ones from ebay which isn’t ideal… but hey, they were cheap after all!

    • Thanks for posting Karen! Apparently, according to my make-up artist friend, majority of fake lashes are produced by just a couple of major factories which are on-sold to cosmetic companies which then put their own branding on it. So a $30 pair of lashes and a $2 pair of lashes could have been made in the same factory, just with different branding.. crazy huh?

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