Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy – ‘Galactic’

I picked up this Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy polish from Priceline as part of my Birthday Haul. ‘Galactic’ was the first one to jump out at me and I just had to try it.

130711 - Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy 1

“Cosmic 3D effects for out-of-this-world nails! Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy™ allows you to get a gorgeous, iridescent effect inspired by outer space. The holographic glitter top coat is illuminated by the dark cream base coat, giving your nails a multi-dimensional look. The dual-ended package gives you everything you need to create a fun, cosmic look.” –

130711 - Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy 3

The base colour is fantastic – only one coat is required for full opacity. The formula was a bit thinner than I was used to so a little goes a long way on your nail. Even though the instructions called for just one coat of the glittery top coat, I chose to be a rebel and applied two coats so I could get more holographic goodness on each nail.

I had read reviews about the glitter coat being difficult to apply and having to fish for the holographic flakes but I didn’t have any trouble at all. I just made sure my brush was ‘loaded’ (ie. I dipped the whole brush into the glitter and didn’t swipe the excess off before using) and ran the entire brush length down each nail. In fact, I didn’t even need two coats of glitter on some fingers as the first layer provided enough flakes.

Clean-up was a bit difficult as the dark blue base stained my cuticles quite quickly so please pardon my neatness as my application of the base was a bit messy!

130711 - Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy 4

I started getting tip wear after about three days and chipping after four days, but I might be able to prolong the polish next time by using two coats of the base colour.

Overall I really love this colour and effect – the name ‘Galactic’ is very apt as the holographic flakes give it a 3D effect which reminds me of the depths of outer space. There are a total of 10 shades in the Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy collection, all with space-related names like Meteor, Orbit, Milky Way and Universe. I have used plenty of glitter polishes in the past, but this is one of my first holographic polishes and I think I am liking the holos! Have I just entered a big black hole from which there is no return? 🙂

What are your favourite holographic polishes?


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